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Blanche au Citron-100cl

Blanche au Citron-100cl
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Name of the product : Blanche au Citron-100cl

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Description : The Blanche au Citron is made with white Armagnac, sugar and natural extracts only. This unique quality eau-de-vie is up-market, without equivalent.

Tasting Notes : "Delightful sweet zest flavors explode on the palate with a decent, rounded, sweet mid palate...". La Blanche au Citron was rated 89 points by the Testing Beverage Institute of Chicago, which makes the product "Highly Recommended".
Consume Blanche au citron as up-market aperitif : it will be greatly appreciated with ice. It may also be used in some delicate cocktails, or nature at the release of the milling machine.

Blanche au Citron : "Highly Recommended" - Beverage Testing Institute Chicago

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