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Baron de Sigognac - 10 ans d'âge

Baron de Sigognac - 10 ans d'âge
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Name of the product : Baron de Sigognac - 10 ans d'âge

Origin : Bas-Armagnac AOC

Description : The 10 year old Baron de Sigognac delivers an exceptional and rare taste. Mild yet fiery at the same time like a gently toasted Arabica coffee. The aromas embody a wide range evoking floral followed by fruity notes yet overall dominated by the sensation of a perfect balance between fruit and spices.
Cigar lovers will enjoy it with a classic Havana; without doubt, a cigar with average chewiness and a light spicy smoke adding roasted touches striking a common chord of balance and strength.
We advise for example a Taïnos - Rey del Mundo.

Some more about Armagnac

Tasting Notes : Amber colour with mahogany highlights.
Fine nose, marked by notes of vanilla, cinnamon and candied orange.
Lots of roundness in the mouth with floral, woody and spicy notes leading to a long and pleasing finish of grilled almonds and vanilla.

Baron de Sigognac 10 YO - Best in class 2009 - Argent - IXSC
The testimony of the incomparable know-how of our Cellar Master for our 10YO.
Baron de Sigognac XO - Silver "highly recommended" - BTI - 2009
The Gold Award for the 10YO
10YO : The highest distinction for an exceptional Armagnac.
Our 10 YO Bas-Armagnac is awarded Gold at the Blaye International Challenge !

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