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Update : 2/24/2012 

New vineyards are planted again : Ugni-Blanc

25 Apr 2011   31 Dec 2012

Château de Bordeneuve is progressing well with its new vineyard plantation, paying particular attention and with the utmost respect for the environment.
It is Ugni Blanc, one of the best grape varieties for distillation that has been chosen for the new parcel of vines called 'Capreoni'.

"This new plantation is an investment for the next 40 years, explains Jean-Claude Guasch. We believe that it is necessary to plant these new vineyards in order that we can continue to guarantee the quality and availability to meet our customers’ demands that are increasing every year.

"I named this new vineyard 'Capreoni' following a tradition that my mother started, to give a Latin name to each parcel on the estate, tells Thomas Guasch. 'Capreoni' after the large number of deer that come here : they particularly like the light, sandy soil and love to graze the rich grass that we intentionally leave growing between the rows in order to improve the natural microbiology balance in our vineyards."

A few figures for Capreoni :
Number of vines: 15 000
Number of wooden vine posts: 3000
+ Château de Bordeneuve only uses acacia wood vine posts.
Weight of these posts: 45 tons (laid out by hand)
Wire : 68 km
+ The wire is used to support the vines between the posts and also, in the spring, to raise up the annual vine growth in each row; this will prevent the possibility of diseases coming from the humidity of the soil and hence promotes a more healthy vineyard.

Château de Bordeneuve is an independent estate, ideally situated on the sandy soils of the Gers, in Eauze, the Capital of Armagnac

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