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New client : the famous grocery "PINTO" selects
Château de Bordeneuve

16 Mar 2010   

Located in the heart of Montpellier, the Pinto delicatessen is one of those amazing places where you can discover the best gourmet products from Montpellier and its region, from France and all around the world.

With more than 50 years of experience in providing quality, Gérard PINTO has been the only person to be selected in his category by the national council of the art of French cooking, to represent the excellence of French gastronomy during the « Best of France and Britain » in London.
The delicatessen has become an institution regularly lavished with unanimous praise: For example, J.P. Coffe described the place as ‘the most beautiful delicatessen one could ever dream of!’

« We are particularly happy to forge this new relationship with the Pinto Epicerie that is an out-of-the-ordinary delicatessen, says Thomas Guasch. Our Bas Armagnacs Château de Bordeneuve are authentic, quality eaux-de-vie, produced with respect and we are naturally very happy to see that they have been chosen by such a renowned establishment like Pinto. »

Château de Bordeneuve is a 40 hectare estate, perfectly located on the tawny sands of Bas Armagnac. Thanks to this very favourable soil, it is totally natural that the estate has become specialised in the production of Armagnac over the centuries. With its 14th century beaten earth cellar, its distillery and its alambic dating from 1920, the estate is one of the greatest names in the appellation.
For each vintage, only 10 barrels are kept every year by the house for unspecified ageing. This is the reason why the house holds one of the most beautiful collections of vintage Armagnacs today, where the oldest vintage dates back to … the 19th century!

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