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17 Feb 2010   

Following the sending of its 2010 pricelists, BCC has received a nice testimony from one of its valued supporters. Here it is entirely released :

« I receive your latest newsletter accompanied with the catalog and with sheets luxuriously illustrated with your most beautiful products. In these times of prohibition, it is comforting to feel the enthusiasm given by a so creative house as yours. By nature anchored in the country and in the past, your work is tied to the present, time because you feel the pleasure of a great Armagnac here and now.
That’s news to me that you are selling also great Calvados, what is the proof of a big ecumenism. You so offer us the possibility of communing under both species. Bravo!
I also note with emotion the elaboration of an orange flavored liqueur of Armagnac, a nectar which I looked for vainly since, there is about fifteen years, a big house of Burgundy had erased of its catalogue an orange flavored Cognac. This festive and easy to drink product would, in my opinion, deserve to be given a boost by an advertising campaign.
You notice it; I remain very attentive to your mission in the service of the lifestyle and of the art »

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