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Update : 2/24/2012 

2010 : a most festive year for Armagnac

25 Jan 2010   

Armagnac is the oldest eau de vie of France (of the world ?..) and celebrates this year its 700th anniversary.

Romans introduced vineyards, Arabs the copper still and Celts casks. Armagnac will spring from these 3 elements and is already well known in the Middle Age under the Latin name “Aygue Ardente”. It was in 1310 that Maitre Vital Dufour wrote a book on the properties of that elixir of life just to keep good health and be nice. He spoke about 40 properties.

To celebrate this unique event, Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections must create an exceptional product following the image of this “true” spirit: a 700 pieces limited edition of a 70 years old Armagnac which will be launched in the next few weeks.

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