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Thomas Guasch in the French national press

03 Feb 2010   

In its special edition "Special Armagnac", Terre de Vins magazine tells Thomas Guasch’s story «the thoughtful»

« It is true, I held a top position of senior civil servant and my career was mapped out. So why decide to come back to the family property where I grew up in Eauze, that my parents had dedicated to 100 % à l’Armagnac with a Ugni blanc and Baco vineyard? I definitely chose the more difficult option, though I am so attached to my region and to Armagnac. After Sup Aéro, I came back with ambitious intentions. Our estate sold very little eaux-de-vie in bottles and I still have an image in my mind of the brokers lorries that came to buy our Armagnacs in bulk, obviously proof that they were of good quality.

I therefore set myself the task of producing high quality products and to develop bottle sales.

For me, Armagnac is a truly authentic product – which is rare – and for which we owe everything to the terroir and the men that make it. If it was an enormous industry like vodka, I would not be making it. It is the authenticity that guides my footsteps.

Of course, the economic crisis is not welcome, but I am optimistic. The crisis will pass. I believe so much so, that I have just replanted more Baco vines and am preparing to do the same with the Ugni blanc. As for our current clients and those to come, we must remind them of our strengths: a magnificent region, irreproachable products as to their traceability and their authenticity.

My personal favourites: I love Armagnacs from the sandy soils, strong and woody eaux-de-vie. More and more I appreciate the younger and lighter Armagnacs. I have a particular weakness for Martine Laffite’s hors d’age and the Château de Bordeneuve hors d’age that is spicy and perfect with a cigar. »

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