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17 Dec 2009   

A change of NAME and LOGO … more than just symbolic!

The company Adex-Maison de l’Armagnac is changing its name and logo as from 1st January 2010. The new name will be Bordeneuve Châteaux & Collections.

« This change will permit us to better represent our position as premium brandy producers and collectors, explains Thomas Guasch. Bordeneuve is the historical name of the family estate. We wished to make it clear that we are not only producers and distillers at Château de Bordeneuve, but also that our cellars contain some of the rarest and oldest vintages: a true collectioner's paradise!»

Realized by a team of Linea designers, the logo consists of a stylised B, the first letter of the domain name, and represents on its left side the famous musketeer's sword, d'Artagnan being a famous character in the History of Gascony known worldwide.
The address and numbers of the company remain the same as previously:
8 rue d'Artagnan
F-32440 Castelnau d'Auzan - France
Tel +33 562 29 26 49

Several graphical documents may be downloaded from HERE

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